Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 Pre-school Graduation

Austin graduated from his 3 year old class last week.
I didn't think the graduation program would amount to much but it was really a nice surprise. They made a 30 minute video of all the kids, sang songs and had awards for every hugger, most athletic, best manners, etc. Austin got best smile. Didn't surprise me. He is always cheesin it up for pictures. Nick was a little disappointed that he didn't get most athletic but what dad doesn't want that? His teachers sent home a scrapbook and a personalized video that they made for each kid. I was very impressed! I taught 3 year olds last year I quickly realized that I sucked as a teacher. I did no scrapbook, no video...I guess that is why I'm not teaching this year. Here are some pictures I managed to take while Vivian was crawling underneath the pews because the program was only an hour in a half!!!

This is an actual picture of the slide show picture of him

Pretending to strum his guitar

You know how there is always that one kid who is singing louder than everyone else? Yeap...that was Austin. And he was right behind the mic.

Just Smile


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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OK Storms!

Don't you just hate them? I remember my Red Granny (wore a red wig) was terrified of bad weather. She would always put things off because it might rain!!! I think I have a little of what she had. I hate to drive in it and if the sirens go off, I will be in the bathroom in no time! Nick on the other hand goes outside to look at the wall clouds and stays in front of the t.v. until he absolutely must join us. We stayed in the bathroom for some time last week. I will have a storm shelter some day!!!

This is what it looks like when you have no idea a tornado is coming your way!!

I may look relaxed here but my happy face was all for the kids.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

8 Years

Yeap...we have already been hitched 8 years. Seems like forever...I mean just yesterday :) We celebrated this weekend since we knew there would be no celebrating on a Monday night. My parents came to babysit and we went to dinner and stayed overnight in a Bed and Breakfast which is our traditional date on our anniversary. The Bed and Breakfast was pretty nice...wasn't my favorite however. The innkeeper barged into our room the morning we were going to check out. Good thing we were just watching a movie and nothing else!!!! Ha ha. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. Marriage is such a blessing and I am so grateful to have such a husband who loves me for who I am. Ok, I won't get too mooshy gooshy with you on here.

We took these ourselves...

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Pizza and Rockband

We love having couples over to eat pizza and play Rockband. Rockband really wasn't planned for last night but a few of Nick's friends hadn't ever played so we pulled out all the equipment from our bedroom since we never get to play anymore. I'm not all that great at it but enjoy playing every now and then. Austin and I even played some by ourselves after our company left. I don't really plug in the drums for him because the band would fail in like 2 seconds with him

This picture cracks me up. Three guys playing and the three fans admiring them :) Nevermind the messy living room.

Looking forward to many more Rockband parties and cookouts this summer. If you're lucky, you just might get to attend one. Just kidding.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Up most of the night...

Have you ever heard bad news late at night and not been able to sleep? It might be about a close friend or family member, someone from your past, or someone you don't even know. I was on Facebook last night and I saw that a girl I knew in high school passed away on Monday after having her first child. Her and her husband had tried for years to have a baby. She didn't feel well her entire pregnancy and after having the baby the Dr's said she needed her gall bladder taken out. Her heart stopped twice during surgery and was later diagnosed with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy or PPCM (weakened heart condition). Becky was in a coma for 2 weeks before passing away this week. She was able to spend 5 precious days with her son. I didn't know her that well, but I just couldn't stop thinking about her poor husband and son. She wanted so badly to bring a child into this world and she did just that. He just won't ever know how wonderful his mommies heart truly was.

Vivian woke up at 1:30 and I was more than happy to go grab her and rock her over and over. Never take anything for granted. Go hug your kiddos!
Please pray for Becky Reynold's family.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Between 4 and 6

Most stay at home moms know that the hardest part of the day is from 4ish to 6ish. Since the weather is nice now, you will usually find us in our little backyard pretend mowing, playing tee-ball and bouncing in the jumparoo. We change it up a bit and go to the parks near by too. It is a nice break for me too. I can cut coupons, water my flowers or play some tee-ball.

Sometimes the girls stay inside and keep cool. Austin has done good so far playing in the back alone. I know I had posted my worries about that not too long ago. I'm definitely not looking forward to the cool weather because then that leaves t.v., video games and crafts which I'm awful at!!!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Twenty10

Being a mom is one of God's most dearest gifts. My kiddos are such a blessing. Being a mom is the most important job I will ever have and the most rewarding!

We stayed in town this Mother's Day. Went to church, went out to eat and then our life groups met. I got to spend the day with my kiddos and enjoyed it so much. Austin got me a beach towel for when we go to the beach in September. It was the first time he picked out my present.

I got all of these cards for Mother's Day. My mom sent me a card everyday this week. At first I thought she had just found a second card she liked but also thought, "Did she forget she already sent me a card"? I realized on day 3 that what she was doing. The other 2 cards are from Nick and the kids.

We had a Mother's tea at school today.

The teachers had asked each child 5 questions and these were the questions and answers that Austin gave. I loved that he thinks I weigh 14 pounds. I wasn't sure if I liked that he thinks I spend my spare time playing with only Vivian, but it was definitely better than some of the other answers that other kids gave. I'll take it!


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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rooster Day

Every Mother's Day weekend we go to Rooster Days in Broken Arrow. It is a festival that has rides for the kiddos, a petting zoo and yummy food. Austin gets braver every year but there is always a ride that he goes on that he is terrified the entire time. This year it was the dragon roller coaster and then after that he wanted to ride the helicopters but then said he didn't. What did his mommy do? I made him get on the helicopter! It wasn't near as fast and scary as the dragon. I think last year I would have just said okay, lets get out of the line that we waited 10 minutes in but he is a big 4 year old now.

Vivian just ate the entire time. The only way we can keep her quiet in her stroller is to keep her munching on something. Its amazing I can't get her past 18 pounds to move to her big girl carseat! She thouroughly enjoyed her funnel cake and dip n dots!

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