Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Couponing!

I attended a coupon workshop a few weeks ago with a friend. The instructor's name is Sarah Roe and she is founder of 918couponqueen which is now moneysavingqueen. I was definitely on brain overload after sitting there for 3 hours learning all her tips and tricks. I left all excited and motivated to start saving money on my grocery bill. Check out Shannon's money saving blog too. It is full of fun savings!

I put together a super cute coupon organizer bought at Target (new Liberty of London line) made out of baseball trading card holders ($5 at Target) and made tabs for all the sections of the grocery store...baking, beverages, boxed/canned, cleaners, frozen, hygiene, kids/pets, paper goods, refrigerated, receipts/rebates, and individual stores such as Target, Walgreen's, Toys R Us, etc. I leave this in the car in case I make a non-planned trip to the store. I just hope to keep this up and its not another new hobby I try for a month and get tired of it! :)

I never understood how I could read a blog and see a picture of a counter full of grocery items that someone spent $10 on. I finally had a similar experience today at Walgreen's. I was there for an entire hour which is time consuming, I realize. It was quite worth it because I made $45.16 in that hour! That was $45.16 in savings. I'm sure Nick will be okay with that. I met a really nice cashier named Edna that helped me out. I will make my trip to Walgreens only when Edna is there because I am still learning and she was very helpful. Below is what I bought.

1st transaction
Spent $61.59 and got $21.50 in register rewards. Those are 6 Hallmark cards I got for 44cents off a piece. Mother's Day, Anniversary, Graduation, I am set on cards! Looks like a lot of razors, I know. $31 worth to be exact. I usually spend about $19 in Nick's refill cartridges and I buy whatever for myself. I got 2 systems and refills. We shave alot, what can I say?

2nd transaction
Spent $6.96, used store coupons and used $17.50 in register rewards (got from transaction #1). Still had $4 in register rewards left to spent when I go back. I went ahead and bought these disposable cameras for our vacation in September.
I don't want to drag our huge camera to all 4 parks!! Ended up being free for the both of them. That's a blue flashlight for Austin if you can't tell. I attended a Red Cross training last week at MOPS and they reccomend leaving a flashlight at your child's bed in case of a fire. Hadn't thought of that!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just thought I would send an update on things. Nick was able to keep his job at Apache. He is just moving down the hall and changing from oil to gas. Such a blessing! If he hadn't been laid off we would be moving to Midland, TX which would have been so fun...not. Crazy how things work out sometimes. We are very happy.

Vivian got her 7th ear infection today which means....TUBES. I figured it was coming. Dr. said if she could make it through April without an infection she should be good. 8 more days and she would have been clear. Please feel free to give any advice if your kids have had tubes. :)

We needed a lazy day at home yesterday, so we stayed home and played some Baby Rockband! Gotta love Tupperware. This is part of her cabinet that she is allowed to play in. We love to be on the go but it is good to stay home every now and then.

I absolutely love this shirt, and the girl who is wearing it!

Playing today...he is starting to get really jealous but they are finally starting to play together.

Nope, she didn't like the hat.

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Memory stones=bad memory

So most of you know that I am NOT crafty! However, I saw this memory stone kit at Target for $8 and thought it would be a great birthday present to my mom and dad from the kids. It looked simple so I thought I would give it a try. Austin was bored one afternoon so I got it out and gave it a whirl. Let's just say that after it was all said and done the entire kit was in the trash and I slipped a 4 letter word in front of Austin which he can now say! My bad. Bummer, I don't get mother of the year award.

We always lose the shirt during crafts....Austin that is, not me.

He painted these plaster cars instead.

Vivian had no clue what was going on!! Thank goodness.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Supervision of outdoor play

I've been what point and age can kids play in the backyard alone? Austin all of a sudden wants to be outside all the time! I don't mind going out a few times a day but Vivian and I get bored after a while. We literally have nothing in our backyard for him to play with expect toy mowers, baseball stuff and bubbles. I called home the other day and asked Nick what they were doing and he was inside cleaning the closet while Austin was outside playing. I kind of freaked but it doesn't take much for me to freak. Since then I have gone back and forth with the issue. What if there was a snake and he picks it up, or he opens the gate and goes in the front yard? There are lots of what ifs I guess. So far, I have decided that he can be outside in the backyard if I am with him, or if I am in the kitchen and can see him from the sneaking inside the doghouse to pretend he is a puppy and no playing on the side of the house where I can't see him. I am curious as to what other parents have decided about outdoor play and supervision. This is all new for me. :)

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Heart Walk

This year we joined lots of friends at the Tulsa Heart Walk. We have only done the OKC Heart Walk so this one was new and different. We walked in honor of our friends, Gavin & Brody. Austin and Gavin go to church and school together and they now live right across the street from us. What fun! It was an early morning to get up and out of the house, but it was well worth it. We all enjoyed the nice weather and fellowship. We love you Gavin and Brody!

Me and Candi...she is there somewhere :)

PALS teachers

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