Monday, April 27, 2009

5 weeks old

Vivi is 5 weeks old!

So sweet

And they sleep

Big Bro


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Price Baby Comparison




Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback Friday

High school proms are starting this weekend so I thought it was only fitting to post a prom pic of Nick and I. We only went to prom 4 times together....his prom twice and my prom twice. This picture was at my Senior prom. We were so young in love.

Me and Nick

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Multi-tasking Mama

So I got Austin home from school this afternoon and I had planned on putting him down for a nap and having a few minutes of free time. Vivian was snoozing in her carseat. Little did I know...the kids had other plans for me.

Austin had a major blow out in his diaper which resulted in a need for an immediate bath. I started his bath water and Vivian woke up hungry as all get out. So I sat on the cold tile floor and nursed her while Austin took a really long bath. I then had to put Vivian on the bed still wanting more to eat while I got Austin out of the bath and dressed! Needless to say, this has been my most hectic afternoon as a mom of 2. We lived and are all clean and fed so that is good! I was a good multi-tasker prior to having kids so that helps. I am not sure you can be a mom and not multi-task.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Random pics

He may not like this someday but I thought it was adorable!

Brother and sister

Nick and his little girl

Me and Vivi at Ryan's party

Loves dirt!

Lunch with friends

Ryan's Awesome Cake


We went to OKC this weekend for Easter. It was our first road trip with the 4 of us! After 5 hunts, and a big dinner I can honestly say I am all Eastered out.

Yes, my mom got Austin baby chicks! They stayed at her house and will be headed back to the farm soon.

At church


Me and Vivi at my Aunt's house

Vivi in her Easter dress

The Easter bunny came

Dying eggs

Austin and his eggs

Easter morning

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Toddler Sleeping Issues

I need your parenting advice! Austin has always been a very good sleeper. He takes 2 hour naps and sleeps 9-10 hours a night. We got ourselves into a little situation that needs fixing. He got a big boy bed back in October and for the first few weeks everything was good. He stayed in bed and put himself to sleep after we read a few books. Now we have to lay down with him at night to get him to fall asleep. I tried the Super Nanny technique of putting him back in room time after time and not saying anything to him but at 7 months pregnant I got tired really fast. I have friends who have baby gates, locks on the door, and some that lay down with their kids. Now with 2 kids laying down with him for 30 minutes to 1 hour is not practical. I did get him to take a nap yesterday without laying down with him only because I held the door shut (no lock yet) and he cried for 45 minutes and finally crashed at the door. I can't do that everyday and don't want to. Any advice is appreciated. :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pics from the past week

We have been home over a week now and I am just now sitting down to upload all the pictures! I have been a little busy needless to say. Things are going really good. Nick's mom and my mom have been here off and on to help. They helped take care of Austin mainly which was nice because I wasn't able to drive and lift him. Monday will be the first day for me to have both kiddos by myself! I am a little nervous but feeling good so I am hopeful. Vivian is such a good baby! The only time she cries is when she is hungry or gassy. Austin wasn't the best baby so we are happy about this! Austin loves "his baby"! We have a ton of pictures of him kissing her already. Anytime I have Nick go and pick her out something to wear it says something like, "Daddies Little Sweetie" or "Daddies Girl" cute! Anyhow, I will leave you with a few pictures. There are tons but didn't want to bore you with too many.