Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yearbook Yourself!

Some friends of ours found this cool website. You can upload a pic of yourself and see what you would have looked like back in the day. I have a nice triple chin. I think the first two are mine but I won't claim the last one.
I could barely tell this was Nick besides his brows and teeth. I was bored at home with everyone being sick and this made the time fly by.

Nick 1956
April 1966

Strutting in his moms heels

So I just had to share this pic. Austin is obsessed with any type of shoe, but when he brought me these I had to grab my camera. Some women can't walk in these and my 2 year old "son" has got it down!

American Idol Concert

So I talked Nick into going to see the American Idol Concert. He was a trooper given the fact that OU was playing that night. It was nice to get out of the house for a date night but I have to admit it wasn't as great as I thought it would might have been that we were in the nose bleed section. Next time we will invest a little more for better seats.
This is a little closer to my face than I would have liked but my friend sitting right next to me took it. I see no boogers or food in my teeth so that is good.

Fall Festival

So I finally can upload pics to my computer. I thought I would post some pics from the past few weeks. Here are some from the Coweta Fall Festival. Austin decided he would be a big boy and ride some of the rides. This is a huge improvement because he won't even ride the baby rides at Incredible Pizza or Chuck E Cheese.
1st Cotton Candy....I did have a bite and it was definitely not as good as I remember it. It's all sugar!
Cheesin it on his favorite car ride.

Riding the Choo Choo Train

Thanks Mimi for taking me to the Festival! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby pics

This is a pic of the baby from the looks like the baby is waving

This is a side view of the baby...his/her legs look long but they really so short right now!

Sharing Toys with the Baby

Austin has recently figured out that I have a baby growing in my tummy. Lately he gets his cars or farm animals and puts them under my shirt and says "baby". I ask him if he is sharing his toys with the baby and he says, "uh huh". He rolls cars over my stomach and makes cow noises to the baby. For the most part they have been small toys but the other day he wanted to put his largest car under my shirt and I didn't quite go for that! We will stick with only the small toys. I will be glad when I get the baby bump because right now it is just tummy fat and I hate him pulling up my shirt in front of guests! I love my little boy though.

Another funny toddler of my students at pre-school knows that I am prego. She asked if my stomach was going to get bigger and I said, "yes". She then replied with, "What about your bumps"? She was talking about my boobs. The things toddlers say.


So Nick and I really need a new camera. My friend from church has loaned me her old one until we find time to go and get one.....thanks Devin! For some reason I have had the hardest time uploaded pictures from the memory card lately. I think it is the memory card and just need a new one. Instead of heading out to Best Buy and getting one right now, I just thought I would submit a gripe session post about how I can't put any new pics on my blog so I really have nothing fun to write about because posts are always better with pictures :( Does anyone feel sorry for me? I know this problem is minimal but this is really bugging me. I hope to submit a ton of new pics/posts when I get this issue resolved....until then this is all I have. :(

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Love You"

I tell Austin only about 100 times a day that I love him. Finally yesterday he replied with, "love you". This completely made my year! I can't wait to start having conversations with him! I just thought I would share these two words that meant so much!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A dinner date with Austin, EasyMac & Campbell's

So tonight is my non-cooking night in the Price household because I work until 6:30 and then have church at 7:15pm. Austin has been a really bad eater for about the last 2 1/2 years so I never know what he is actually going to eat. Tonight I made soup for me and mac-n-cheese for him. We sat at the kitchen counter and we prayed and then began to dig in. He then decided he wanted me to take a bite and then he wanted to take a bite and so forth. Before I knew it, he had ate his entire bowl of Easy Mac which is huge for him! I even tried to get him to take a bite of soup, but that didn't work so much. Maybe this will work with veggies??? So anyhow...I had a great dinner with my toddler over a bowl of Campbells and a bowl of Easy Mac. What a great moment.
BTW, I have decided not to watch Connor anymore. Not because he is a bad kid but because my own kid and the 9 other kids at pre-school is enough toddler action for me for 1 day. Looking forward to it!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A trip to the mall with 2 toddlers

It seems as though all my shirts either have holes or stains on them lately and I keep having to trash really cute shirts! I thought since I had the day off I would go to the mall with Austin and I invited my friend Candice and her 2 year old. I had trouble deciding whether to buy shirts that I can wear now or maternity shirts that I will soon be able to wear after I blow up!
I have gone to the mall with both Austin and Connor (the 1 year old I watch) but I usually just go to let them play and then we do lunch and leave. Little did I know that we were going to have to take turns trying on clothes (the double side by side stroller doesn't fit in most dressing rooms), pushing the boys around, picking up shoes that they kept taking off, and saying, "leave your hands to yourself about 100 times". We only lost 1 sippie cup during the entire trip and later went back to the Gap and luckily Austin's favorite CARS cup was still on the floor. I was so glad to find the candy store which I have never taken Austin to...and bought 2 suckers which kept them both quiet for a good 30 minutes. I will now be packing Austin's dum dums on every mall trip. I am now thankful for the simple things in life such as laundry baskets (see yesterdays post) and dum dums. It doesn't take much to please me these days.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Free, fun entertainment

After Austin and I had a knock down drag out before church this morning, which resulted in us not making it to church, he decided to be good and have some fun in our laundry basket. Yes, he is not wearing any pants but it has been one of those days where I choose to pick my battles. Extra grace is definitely needed for today but I am grateful for my laundry basket!