Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun with old friends

We went to OKC this weekend because Nick's meets with his college friends to do their yearly fantasy football draft. I figured the kids and I could tag along and visit family and friends too!

I made Nick take he camera to get a picture...this is what he came home with!

John is a friend from high school! We haven't seen each other in 3 years and we finally got to meet each others kiddos. We met at Chili's (our old hangout after football games) for lunch this weekend. Austin found a quarter in the car on the way there and said that John had to have it! Didn't quite pay for lunch but was really cute of him to share his money.
Old friends are the greatest of friends!

John's little girl and Austin

Me and John

She is so darn cute!!! That is a bra strap that was made into a cool is that?

This picture absolutely cracks me up!

John with both girls

Courtney and Vivi

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nana's really do rock

So Nick's mom is Nana! She bought this really cute onesie for Vivian to wear and I had noticed the size was 0-3 months. Vivian was just about 5 months when I noticed this! Nana came to visit this weekend and since we hadn't got their picture together with her in the onesie we thought we better get one before she outgrew it. Luckily it still fit. Nana also made the tutu to go with it. We have tried to get her professional picture taken in the tutu twice and she has hated it both times. Nick asked his mom if she could make me one and she said, "sure", but I kindly said, "thanks, but no thanks".

Vivian and her Nana that rocks!

I hope she thinks I rock too??

Standing on the kitchen counter with dad's help

5 months old today!!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vivian's 4 month well baby check

Yes, I took the camera with me. Nick was a little embarrassed but what else do I have to blog about? Vivian was a trooper. She flirted with the dr. and was just fine till the 4 shots! She conked out in her car seat for some time after the appointment from all the trauma. I can't believe my baby is almost 5 months! They will only be this young once!

Here are her current stats...

Weight 12 lbs 11 ounces 13th percentile
Height 24 inches 18th percentile
Head Circumference 45th percentile

Leaving to go to the appt...Austin is happy it isn't him getting the shots. He did get flu mist squirted up his nose though.

Nick and Vivi

Me and Vivi

Doesn't every girl like to be weighed?

Listening to those lungs

Tummy time...checking head strength I guess

The yucky, sticky rotavirus stuff

And the shots!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Picnic in the park

So Nick and I had planned on having date night tonight because our gym was having parents night out. Little did we know, it got cancelled 30 minutes before the kids were supposed to be there. Back up plan?? Picnic in the park. We have had picnics before but we usually sit at picnic tables. This time we actually went and got some Sonic takeout, and popped a squat on right in the middle of the park on the grass with the ants and all! Austin ate his entire dinner which never happens. Maybe we will have to have more picnics to improve his eating!

Yeah...we took this ourselves

Kick ball

Me and Austin

Our baby girl

Ladies Man

The kids...yes, that is grilled cheese hanging out of his mouth!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

the lodge

The fam

We decided to go to Great Wolf Lodge for our vacation this year. It was the perfect place to go with a newborn and toddler. It is an indoor water park/lodge in Grapevine, TX. It was so nice because we didn't have to worry about the kids getting sunburned, especially Vivian and when it was nap time we could just head up to our room. They do have an outdoor area too, and me and mom got a few hours of laying out time which was nice. There are other locations so check them out!

My mom got to go with us and we could not have gone without her! Austin got sick on the drive down but managed to hang in there and enjoy the trip as much as he could. The lodge has this scavenger hunt that the kids do with these wands that you see in the picture below. He absolutely loved it! He went around the entire lodge looking for different things such as treasure chests, animals, pictures, etc that would light up or talk to him. The lodge offers story time twice a night and we attended almost every time!! They also have a craft room, arcade and salon for the little girls to go to. My favorite part was the room key is built into the water park wrist band so you don't have to carry a key cool!

I managed to have dinner with several friends while we were there too. I had dinner with Jennifer on Friday night and Jess and Jay on Saturday night. I am so blessed to have friends who take the time to continue our friendship even though we are miles apart!

Here are some pics that we managed to take. We only took pics on the first and last day!

The four of us in the wave is so cute how Austin and Vivian are looking at each other :)

Austin in my hat

On jet ski...this is the toddler pool


Austin and Big Bear

Austin with mimi and Wiley the bear

The girls...Me, Vivian and Jess. We used to work together in Texas.

Nick and Jay

Nick and Vivian at dinner

The five of us! We couldn't have made it without my mom.

We love bows!

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