Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Children's Museum

I am back! Our computer crashed and put everything in the Price Household into chaos. I was lost for awhile! We were able to restore all of our files but I lost my e-mail contacts. So all in all things are back to normal. Now I have to play catch up!

We had our last play date of the summer a few weeks ago. We went to Kalidescope, a local children's museum here. The kids seemed to have such a good time. Normally when we go for play dates Austin just comes home and doesn't talk about it. He was telling Nick about it at dinner and kept saying he wanted to go back with Gabe and Gavin. He could have played there all day if I let him. They had a pretend grocery store, post office, hair salon, CSI lab, jail, dress up area, play house, black light room, and a big play area for them to play in. For $6 it was definitely worth it and that included lunch! We will be going back. My only reservation is I always wonder how well they clean the toys at the end of the day!!!

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$4.00 well spent

I went to An Affair of the Heart (craft show) and I always feel like I need to come back with something for both Vivian and Austin. If you have ever been to An Affair of the Heart, they have nothing for little boys. I found this Grow Your Own Lizard for 4 bucks!! They also had snakes, frogs, etc. It was quite the entertainment for 10days. You put the lizard in your bath tub and it grows and grows. The kids went in every night to pet him. He was pretty slimy and felt real. Anyways, if you ever see one of these they are definitely worth the $4!

Taken the first day in the tub and then taken on the last day.

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