Saturday, August 30, 2008

A weekend w/o Austin and some OU fun!

We are on day 1 without Austin. My mother in law asked to watch him this weekend and we thought "A weekend to ourselves would be nice". Then we started to try to remember what it was like prior to having children and we just couldn't remember what we did. I guess our life was a little boring prior to Austin. Today, I slept in, while Nick chose to be healthy and play basketball at the butt crack of dawn. Then we made breakfast and decided to be productive and I cleaned the entire house and he worked on the yard. I honestly don't think our entire house has been cleaned all at once during the past 2 1/2 years. I always have to do it in spurts. It feels so nice! Now we can have fun the rest of the weekend trying to figure out what to do with just the two of us! We will definitely be watching OU play tonight. Boomer Sooners!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun with Aiden

So my brother and nephew came to visit this weekend. Despite the fact that my house looked as though a tornado came through, the boys had a really good time. It is actually a nice little break when Aiden comes because they just entertain themselves. Here are a few pictures from this weekend.
I love this silly smile!
Austin in a bubble?

Color time

They both love to color cars

He is growing up too fast!

Friday, August 22, 2008

To baby-sit or not?

So I started teaching pre-school this week! The first day was horrid, but that was to be expected. I think I am really going to enjoy it....I was blessed with a really good class and a good aid to help out. My dilemia is whether or not to continue watching the 1 year old, Connor that is in the picture with me. I started watching him beginning of summer to make some extra play cash. Connor attends pre-school while I teach but doesn't leave my home until 6:30 each day. The hardest part so far has been getting 2 diaper bags, my teaching tote, lunch and 2 kiddos out of the car and into school! That's a lot of stuf. Austin isn't napping at pre-school so when I come home I could rest while he naps but I have Connor to watch. He is an easy baby...he just poops all the stinking time! Yuck. Anyways, watching Connor is not a have to thing for me...I am regretting deciding to babysit him and teach pre-school. The baby is draining all of my energy and I can just see me trying to do both when I am 9 months prego! I need peoples input as to what I should do.....give it more time OR just stop watching him??? He is pretty cute.
Oh and by the way his mom is expecting the week after I am, so I won't be watching him after the baby comes anyways. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

April 2nd is the due date!

The baby is official! I saw it with my own eyes. I never believe I am pregnant until I actually see the picture. The baby will be delivered via C-section so it should be here around March 21st which is only 3 days before Austin's b-day! The baby in the picture is not ours! My friend Sarah came over with her 9 week old daughter, Kate to babysit Austin during our appointment. God has blessed us with great friends here in Tulsa! Here are some pics from today. Pre-school starts tomorrow. I will pray for patience!

What will the due date be?

If you are bored and need to spare some time go to this website and vote for my friends picture in this photo contest. It is the fourth picture on the first page. It is of her two girls holding hands on the beach. You have to register to log in but it didn't take long. Thanks for doing this, if you do.

We go to the girly dr. today. I am excited to get told an actual due date. The computer pregnancy calculators are telling me April 1st or 3rd. I could see him/her being an April Fools baby!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Very 1st post

I am almost nervous about posting. I am such a dork! My friends have been telling me for months that I need to get a blog. I only have a myspace, facebook and cafemom page as it is. I promise to do my best to be a faithful blogger. I am still learning how to post, etc...but I will get the hang of it soon.

We are living in Tulsa and have been here for 15 months! That is a record for us believe it or not. Nick likes to move us around just when we get comfy....just kidding. Nick is finally with a job that will keep him here and I am glad because my resume was looking a little hip hoppy.

We attend Broken Arrow COC and love it! We have a second family there so it makes it easier not living around the corner from family. Nick actually got a job offer a few weeks ago in OKC and he turned it down because we just love it here. We have a two year old, Austin and are expecting our 2nd kiddo in April....boy or a girl? I am thinking boy....I just picture our family having a house full of boys for some reason. Austin starts pre-school on Tuesday! I am teaching so I hope he adjusts to being in one classroom and me being in another right down the hall. Well it is 2am and church is tomorrow.