Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pizza and Rockband...just can't get any better

Nick and I wanted to have some fun this weekend but also thought that we needed some time at home. We invited friends over from church for pizza and some Wii action. I did absolutely no cooking so it was stress free and we had a really good time.
Future Rock star?
My goofy husband
Mitchell...I didn't get his other half Amy in any pics.
Valerie having a good time
Derek trying out the guitar

Friday, February 27, 2009

Flashback Friday

My brother, Matt, turns 26 this week so I thought I would post a picture of him and I. I was a sponsor for the church youth group back in college (since I was so mature) so technically I was Matt's sponsor on this trip. I don't remember us having almost identical coats but I guess we did. I have to re-learn to ski every trip because I don't go often enough to remember.

Happy Early Birthday Matt!

Winter Park, CO

Friday, February 20, 2009


I turn 29 this weekend and a GNO was overdue. Me and the girls decided to do dinner and a movie. Spending time with girlfriends is always special. I feel so much better when I return home to my family because I am a better wife and mother because I had some "me time". Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me.
Dinner at PF Chang's
Me and her!
Me and Monica...we teach the 3's at Kids Kare
Valerie, Kim and Candice....Valerie and Kim are Austin's teachers and Candice teaches his music class.
Monica and Ashley...Ashley baby and Vivian are due 1 week apart!

Flashback Friday

I have a few friends who participate in Flashback Friday so I thought I would give it a try. If I can be consistent with remembering to post every Friday then I just might join in on the fun. I don't have a lot of old pictures on my computer but will try to start scanning some in just for this reason. I thought since this is the month of love I would post one from our wedding which is where our household started. We are so young in love here and even more in love today which is what we strive for I guess.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Vivian's shower

So I know I posted a ton of pictures here but it was just such a good shower that I wanted to post all my favorites. I have to say that I count my blessings everyday but these are the moments when you know that you are truly blessed. God has blessed me with so many good friends and I am grateful for the awesome shower they threw for our family.

Me and my hostesses, minus one because she was home with her baby. Five of us are actually pregnant in this picture! She will have lots of friends to play with from church :)
Me and the was so yummy!
Such a cute diaper cake from my hostesses! Meagan is so talented.
More talent from my friends
Sign in table
A party isn't complete without the balloons! :)
Me and "write" hand girl
Me and the grandmas
For her room, from my mom
Yes, Nana made this...every girl needs a tutu

Valentine's weekend

So we had several things going on this weekend. First we had our young families class Valentine's party on Friday night. A few friends and I planned the party. We played the newlywed game which was pretty funny and just enjoyed being with our spouse's. We also had Vivian's shower on Sunday. Look for pics to be posted later.
Austin before church on Sunday...first time to wear a tie.
"Looks" so innocent here
My friend Jess came to visit... Austin followed her around like her little duckling. I don't even have a good pic of me and Austin! I guess because I am the one behind the camera?
Nick and I at the Valentine's party...he is so good to me.
The food that I had much easier!
A few friends..Brandon, Meagan, Ashley and Matt

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting the nursery ready

Austin playing in Vivian's bed

So we decided to start on the nursery this weekend. Vivian will be here in 5 1/2 weeks! Nick and I are horrible painters so we brought in some reinforcement....2 Grandma's. We are so grateful that they were able to come and help. As most of you know Nick needs quite a bit of motivation/encouragement to start home projects and the Grandma's definitely helped me with encouraging him to get on the ball :) It was a good day and I felt accomplished. I am still waiting on a few more items to get in but here is what we have so far...

The new bed that has NOT been recalled :)
We did her accent wall in peach and the other three walls in a pinkisih lavendar. We used Mother's Touch paint so it was safe for me to paint. There were no paint fumes in the house!
Our dog Ginger wanting to get in on the fun

Austin helping Nick put the bed together

Austin painting in his pj's....after this was taken he painted with sponges on paper. I wanted to make certain he knew that we normally paint on paper!

Nana (Nick's mom) painting

Mimi (my mom) painting

Nick painting

Please don't use this photo as blackmail...I literally crawled out of bed and started painting

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy 3rd birthday Aiden Lane

This is his happy face
Birthday boy
This is another one of his happy faces
Aiden blowing or more like spitting on his candles
Aiden is 3!
Nick having a good ole time

Pregnant girls can slide too!

Mimi's can even slide! I love this pic.

Okay, this is probably a little too much belly hair for your liking but it cracks me up.

Austin's new love for air hockey

Saved by Woolite Oxy

So several of you saw my post on how Austin colored the entire nursery in black sharpie. I tried numerous products and Woolite Oxy was the only product that removed the stain from my carpet. Thanks to my good friend Liz, my carpet looks back to normal! :)